2005 Laser Jammer Tests

There is one 2005 laser jammer test that LaserJammer.net can stand behind. Laser jammer testing happens infrequently. It takes time to get together a group of testers and it takes time and money to provide multiple jamming systems. Most of all, it takes a lot of money to supply a range of laser/LIDAR guns for testing. Laser guns cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars (older systems) to a few thousand dollars (current models / brand new models).

Guys of LIDAR were the premier laser / radar testing group from about 2006-2009 and produced the only serious independent testing results during that time.

LaserJammer.net thanks the Guys of LIDAR, and their semi-successors ECCTG, for their important efforts and for the ability to link to their results. LaserJammer.net is not affiliated with Guys of LIDAR or ECCTG; links are provided directly to the GOL testing results pages.

You may want to read up on our Laser Jammer Terms & Acronyms Page before checking out the test results.

July 16-17, 2005 – Lidatek LE-30 vs. Blinder M20 vs. Blinder M30 vs. AntiLaser AL6 vs. Escort Shifter ZR3

Laser Guns: LTI UltraLyte, LTI Marksman, Kustom Signals ProLaser II and III, Stalker LZ-1, Laser Atlanta, TraffiPatrol, Traffipatrol XR

Thanks to the Guys of LIDAR for testing!


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