2005 Laser Jammer Tests

2005 Laser Jammer Tests

There is one 2005 laser jammer test that LaserJammer.net can stand behind. Laser jammer testing happens infrequently. It takes time to get together a group of testers and it takes time and money to provide multiple jamming systems. Most of all, it takes a lot of money to supply a range of laser/LIDAR guns for testing. Laser guns cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars (older systems) to a few thousand dollars (current models / brand new models).

Guys of LIDAR were the premier laser / radar testing group from about 2006-2009 and produced the only serious independent testing results during that time.

LaserJammer.net thanks the Guys of LIDAR, and their semi-successors ECCTG, for their important efforts and for the ability to link to their results. LaserJammer.net is not affiliated with Guys of LIDAR or ECCTG; links are provided directly to the GOL testing results pages.

You may want to read up on our Laser Jammer Terms & Acronyms Page before checking out the test results.

July 16-17, 2005 – Lidatek LE-30 vs. Blinder M20 vs. Blinder M30 vs. AntiLaser AL6 vs. Escort Shifter ZR3

Laser Guns: LTI UltraLyte, LTI Marksman, Kustom Signals ProLaser II and III, Stalker LZ-1, Laser Atlanta, TraffiPatrol, Traffipatrol XR

Thanks to the Guys of LIDAR for testing!


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