AntiLaser Laser Jammer Reviews

The AntiLaser brand is well known within the laser jammer industry, but has seen more success in Europe and Australia due to its lack of a US distributor and headquarters in Croatia. AntiLaser’s first product, the Guardian 7 or G7 was introduced in 2006 and was quickly followed by the popular Guardian 8 G8 system. The G8 performed well in independent testing, but was ultimately outperformed by the Laser Interceptor. The AntiLaser G9 RX was received with lukewarm response and did not offer significant advantages, besides new gun updates, over the AL G8.

AntiLaser’s newest version, the AntiLaser AL Priority, has been rebuilt from the ground up. It features support for a first-ever five jammer heads and offers advanced updating capability via USB stick and bluetooth capability.

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AntiLaser AL G9 RX Laser Jammer
AntiLaser AL G9 RX Laser Jammer

Reviews of the previous AntiLaser Guardan products (Out of Production)

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