Blinder Laser Jammer Reviews

Blinder is one of the most established laser jammer brands and has been producing LIDAR/laser jammers since about 2005. The company released its first set of jammers, the M20, M30, and M40 (2 head, 3 head, 4 head versions) in 2005. They reliability updated their line in 2007 with the M25, M35, and M45 in 2007 and the M27, M37, and M47 in 2009.

The Blinder M-Series jammer heads were manufactured with LEDs, while other competitors like Laser Interceptor and AntiLaser were using high-power diodes in their jammer heads. Though LED does stand for ‘Light Emitting Diode’, the M-Series jammer heads were underperforming by the end of the 2010 decade compared to competitors.

In mid-2012, Blinder ended the M-Series and released an all new laser jammer system, the Blinder HP-905 Compact. The HP-905 compact will jam the newest laser/LIDAR guns, like the LTI TruSpeed S and the Dragon Technology Digital Ally Laser Ally.

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Blinder M45 Laser Jammer
Blinder M45 Laser Jammer

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