Can I Use Two Laser Jammers at the Same Time?

At, we keep track of what keywords and phrases people use to reach our site. When we begin to see a topic that users reach our site with, but that we haven’t addressed yet, we know that we have to create a new article for it. People have been asking: Can I use two laser jammers at the same time? Can I use multiple laser jammers simultaneously? What will happen if I use more than one laser jammer at same time?

We’re here two answer the question, once and for all! Yes, you can use two different laser jammers at the same time, provided that you follow a few guidelines.

You Can’t Mix and Match Laser Jammer Brands

Can I Use Two Laser Jammers at the Same Time
Can I Use Two Laser Jammers at the Same Time

Laser Interceptor heads will not work with a Blinder CPU. An Escort ZR4 Shifter CPU will not work with Laser Pro Park jammer head. Different laser jammer systems have such different specifications that pieces from different laser jammer systems cannot be combined to form some sort of franken-jammer. In fact, attempting to combine different hardware brands could end up damaging some or all of the components. Some brands, however, do allow different generations of CPUs and jammer heads to be used interchangeably. Laser Interceptor, for instance, allows the Generation 8 CPU to interface with both old and new versions of their laser jammer heads

You Can’t Put Two Jammers on the Same End

You can put two laser jammer systems onto your vehicle, but you have to keep them at different ends. Though some swear by their methods, it’s generally a bad idea to put two different brands of laser jammers onto the front of your car. The reasoning behind this is that one type of jammer could set off the second type of jammer and they would encounter problems attempting to discern between real and false laser alterts. In the worst case scenario, one jammer could set off the other jammer and you’ll be merely jamming yourself and wearing out your laser jammer heads.

One in the Front, One in the Back

If you want to use multiple laser jammers on one vehicle, the guideline is really to use one laser jammer system in the front, and one in the rear. Let one brand take care of one full end of your car and you have a minimal chance of the two jamming systems interfering with each other. We hope that this settles the issue – if not, you know how to get a hold of us!

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