How to Use Laser Jammers Without Getting Caught

Laser Jammers are legal to own and operate in 39 of the 50 United States. Whether or not you live in a Legal State or an Illegal State (or country), it’s important to know how to use laser jammers without being caught or being hassled by local law enforcement.

Laser Jammers block police laser so that the officer cannot get a speed reading – this is the fundamental reason to own laser jammers. How you use them responsibly is another story. Here are the most important lessons about owning and operating laser jammers.

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Never Drive Recklessly

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Many laser jammer owners will drive faster than the posted speed limit (PSL). Just because you’re exceeding the speed limit does not mean that you’re driving 100+ miles per hour. All drivers should take into consideration the terrain, weather conditions, and traffic conditions before deciding how fast to drive. Police will pull you over if you’re driving recklessly, even if they can’t obtain a speed reading on your car

Slow Down After a Hit

If you’re being targeted by police laser, your laser jammers will alert you and begin blocking the police laser gun. What do you do next? While it might seem like a fun idea to push the accelerator to the floor and blow past the police officer ‘Super Troopers’ style, it’s not a good idea. If laser jammers are illegal in your state, you could face fines, confiscation of your jammer equipment, or even jail time for owning or operating your jammers.

Even if you live in a state or country where jammers are totally legal, officers have been known to pull people over for obstruction of justice or reckless driving. The jammer community likes to keep a low profile – the less that police officers that know about laser jammers, the better. If everyone is showing off their laser jammers to the local police, the next stop will be the police chief and the local legislature.

After you’re hit with police laser:

  1. Slow Down to the posted speed limit
  2. Turn Off your jammer system – you should have a ‘kill switch’ or power switch located somewhere easily accessible
  3. Celebrate – once you’re out of view! Don’t wave at the officer or call attention to yourself.

If your jammers worked correctly, you just got out of a speeding ticket! You may feel the need to try drive by again (and again) to jam the officer multiple times – we call this the ‘victory lap’. We don’t recommend doing it too often, but once in a while is usually okay. However, remember what was said about calling attention to yourself…

Know the Law

It is your responsibility to know your local, state, and federal laws – if you’re pulled over in an Illegal State or country , ignorance is not a defense! Again, the penalties for owning or operating laser jammers in an Illegal State or country can be harsh.

Overall, just be smart about how you drive and how you employ your laser jammers. Driving recklessly is always a bad idea – it is totally possible to drive fast and still drive safely. Don’t call attention to yourself – the laser jammer community likes to fly under the radar (no pun intended), so be sure to kill your jammers as soon as you’ve slowed down to the speed limit. Don’t jam the officer all the way to the gun – that’s calling attention to yourself!

Used effectively and intelligently, laser jammers will keep drivers safe from getting a ticket from speed LIDAR. Used recklessly, you’re asking for a ticket – or worse!

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