Laser Interceptor Laser Ally 8.17 Update Coming!

Great news is coming for current and future Laser Interceptor users – after nearly a year of waiting, LI appears to be on the cusp of releasing version 8.17, which will purportedly address issues with jamming the Laser Ally.

The Laser Ally, also known as the DALA, has been the LI’s main issue for quite a while now while competitor AntiLaser’s Priority has been on the market and, from all points of view, doing very well at jamming it.

The version 8.17 was originally released on the Laser Interceptor USA site but was soon taken down citing performance issues. 8.17 is also supposed to address some issues with jamming the PL3 (Kustom Signals ProLaser III) that cropped up with previous updated. The current version is 8.16a; will be the first to let you know when the update is live!

The Dreaded Laser Ally
The Dreaded Laser Ally
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