Laser Jammer Terms & Acronyms

Laser Jammer and Radar Detector terminology can be confusing! Below are the most commonly used terms and acronyms in the Laser Jammer community.

JTG: Jam to Gun

Jamming to gun is employing a laser jammer from the time that a laser gun tagets the system until the vehicle reaches the gun. In testing, JTG is the goal – the jamming system is supposed to jam a laser gun until the vehicle has passed the laser gun, resulting in no speed reading given whatsoever (known as Punchthrough).

However, in the real world, a laser jammer owner should never JTG! Jamming a police officer’s laser gun calls attention to the driver and puts unnecessary attention on laser jammer owners. Though JTGing probably won’t get you pulled over, it’s unnecessary and hurts the jamming community.

JFG: Jam from Gun

JFG is just like JTG, except that it references rear-mounted laser jammers. When a laser gun is shooting a target from the rear, it will likely start as soon as the car passes the gun. Jamming from Gun means that no Punchthrough is achieved.

PT: Punchthrough

The dreaded PT! Punchthrough is when a laser gun gets a speed reading on a jammer-enabled vehicle. Ideally, all jammers being tested

JTK: Jam to Kill

As mentioned earlier, JTG is always the goal in testing scenarios. In real life, however, JTGing is unnecessary and dangerous to the jamming community. In real life, jammer owners need a laser jammer to jam an police officer’s gun until driver can slow down to the speed limit. Jamming to Kill is just this – jamming until the system is switched off (killed), so that the police officer can get a reading on the car. If an officer doesn’t receive a reading, again, it puts undue attention on the jammer owner and community. Always JTK in real life!

PSL: Posted Speed Limit

LI: Laser Interceptor laser jamming system

LE: Laser Elite laser jamming system

PL I/II/III/4: The Pro Laser laser gun (version 1, 2, 3, or 4)

LA: Laser Ally laser gun

LRB / LR-B: An LTI UltraLyte laser gun

LJ: Laser jammer

RD: Radar detector

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