Laser Jammer Videos

While there are many laser jammer videos available online, we’ve selected a number that we believe are genuine and truly show what laser jammers can achieve when used against real police laser guns. Other sites are rife with old information, out of date laser jammer systems, and plenty of misinformation and half-truths.

Sites like that give the police laser jamming industry a bad name and cheat honest consumers out of good money. We hope these videos are informative and show how effective laser jammers can be. We are still setting up our YouTube page, so please enjoy these videos we’ve chosen (they are not our videos) from about the web.


Laser Interceptor vs. TruSpeed S

Laser Interceptor vs. Laser Ally

Blinder HP-905 Testing Video

Laser Interceptor vs. Stalker LZ-1

Laser Interceptor vs. Stalker LTI Marksman 20/20

Laser Interceptor vs. Kustom Signals ProLaser III

Laser Interceptor vs. Kustom Signals ProLaser II

Laser Interceptor vs. Laser Atlanta SpeedLaser

Laser Interceptor vs. LTI UltraLyte 20/20 LR