Laser Jammer vs Shifter

Laser Jammer vs Shifter

What is the difference between a Laser Jammer vs a Laser Shifter? Actually, they’re the same thing! A Laser Jammer is the generic term, while Laser Shifter refers to the Escort ZR4 laser jammer brand (the Laser Shifter).

There seem to be a lot of questions, uncertainty, and misinformation surrounding radar detectors and laser jammers. As much as we wish that they were, radar detectors and laser jammers are not a license to speed or to drive recklessly. They are merely tools that you can use to avoid speed detection or to actively inhibit speed reading detection.

What are laser jammers? In the most simple terms, laser jammers are electronic devices that are designed to prevent police using a laser gun, also known as a LIDAR gun, from getting a speed reading on a car.

It’s important to know the difference between radar speed detection devices and laser speed detection devices. While some people do not know the difference, and some use the terms interchangeable, the two are very different. While radar guns and radar dashboard-mounted units measure a vehicle’s speed using radio waves, laser guns track a vehicle and measure its speed using light pulses.

RADAR, which stands for RAdio Detection And Ranging, sends out radio waves, which bounce off of a car. The radar unit measures key differences in the returning radio waves to calculate the speed of the car. I could get into more detail about how radar works, but the main purpose of this post is to talk about laser jammers.

LIDAR, which stands for LIght Detection And Ranging, emits brief pulses of invisible infrared light. These light pulses do not measure the vehicle’s speed! The light pulses actually measure the vehicle’s distance, from which it can calculate its speed. This may sound complicated, but give it five minutes and I’ll have you explaining it to others like an expert!

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