New Laser Jammer Coming? The AntiLaser AL Priority

Could AntiLaser be coming out with a new laser jammer to succeed their AntiLaser AL G9 RX laser jammer? It seems so, according to new website

The site was first brought to the public’s attention in late February 2013 on RDF.

The introduction proclaims “Inventors of multipurpose laser based parking sensors present: AL PRIORITY. Introducing the smallest and most powerful sensor yet available, internet upgradeable & user programmable control unit, with new handy add-ons. Assuring top quality & inventive solutions, we proudly carry a list of registered and pending patents in the USA and worldwide proving to be a leader in the field. AL brand of products is designed and manufactured in Europe.”

AntiLaser AL Priority CPU Mockup

New features are to include a smaller sensor with increased performance, widest angle protection of any laser jammer, superior filtering technology, power supply ranging from 10V to 17V, multiple set up options, upgrade via USB Stick, and add-ons for the parking aid function.

Notable among these features is the ugradeability via USB stick – user best radar detectors on claims that not laptop connectivity will be needed, update will be done ‘blind’ by merely inserting a USB flash drive to the CPU’s USB port. AntiLaser products have had a USB port built in since at least the AL G8, but they have not been available for upgrade use.

Finally, current laser jammer owners will notice that the CPU has three jacks for front heads and two jacks for rear heads, for five total inputs for laser jammer heads, which will be the most of any laser jammer. AL is also supposed to have a big push into the US Market via a US-focused distributor, also thought to be bestradardetectors.

Every new laser jammer is good for the industry and good for the consumer, as it spurs innovation among the competitors. Here’s to hoping it’s released soon!