UK Laser Jammer Laws

UK Laser Jammer Laws

Are laser jammers legal or illegal in the UK?

Is it legal to sell, own, or use laser jammers in the UK?

What UK laws apply to laser jammers?

What is the best laser jammer to own and use in the UK?

There are tons of questions regarding the laws and regulations that apply to laser jammers nationwide and it can be tough to tell the difference between fact and fiction, myth, and legend.

We have personally researched laws regarding laser jammers for each of the 50 United States and Washington, DC. We have also done our best to research laws and new articles for other countries like the UK.

In the UK, laser jammers are somewhat LEGAL. 

Strictly speaking, there are no specific UK laws preventing the ownership, sale, or usage of laser jamming devices. However, at least four drivers have been prosecuted under the premise of “obstructing police officers” for jamming a policeman’s laser gun and jamming a laser speed camera.

Two drivers received a temporary driving ban and another was fined. So, while it may be legal to buy and install the jammers, one must use them very carefully to avoid a run-in with police.

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We recommend reading our guide on How to Use Laser Jammers Without Getting Caught – police officers aren’t patrolling the streets looking for drivers with laser jammers. Being smart and not calling attention to yourself are two guidelines that all laser jammer owners need to abide by, no matter what the location.

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