Where Can I Buy a Police Laser / LIDAR Gun?

You’ve finally got it all – the top of the line radar detector and the bigtime laser jammer setup with front and rear heads. Now you’re ready to test them out! While radar guns require certification before use, laser guns require no such training.

Unfortunately, it’s inadvisable to contact police laser gun manufacturers directly – most of them will only sell directly to law enforcement and government organizations. Also, as any good laser jammer owner knows, it’s best to fly under the radar (no pun intended) when you’re dealing with the competition!

How much do police laser guns cost?

Bought new from the manufacturer, most laser guns cost anywhere from $1,500 to nearly $4,000. They are sophisticated pieces of equipment with sophisticated optics and processing capabilities, so they do cost a pretty penny! Laser guns are also designed to be used in the field by police officers – that means getting knocked around a patrol car, getting rained on, a drop here and there, and general mishandling. The devices are expected to last 5-10 years, so durability is key and police forces will pay extra to keep their investment safe.

Where can I buy a police laser / LIDAR gun?

It may be surprising, but one of the best places is eBay! The following searches are usually the most popular, but you may want to search specifically for one laser gun brand name or another, as new listings come live every day.

eBay – LIDAR Gun

eBay – Police Laser Gun

eBay – UltraLyte LRB (Made by LTI)

eBay – Stalker LIDAR (Maker of the LZ1)

eBay – TruSpeed Laser (Made by LTI – TruSpeed, LR, S, and Sx)

eBay – Kustom Laser (Kustom Signals is the Maker of the Pro Laser I, II, III, 4, and the ProLite)

eBay – Laser Ally (Made by Dragon Technologies)

eBay – SpeedLaser (Made by Laser Atlanta)

eBay – LTI Laser (May find older models like the Marksman or 20-20)

You may also have luck finding local buyers on Craigslist, so be sure to check that as well!

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